Our unique business-oriented approach, along with our extensive industry experience, allows us to offer our clients both solid legal and business advice.

Conn Kavanaugh’s Technology and Outsourcing lawyers approach each transaction as the acquisition of a business solution, not merely the licensing of software or purchase of technology.  Our clients typically look at the purchase of technology as a strategic asset rather than an expense item.  We become an integrated member of our client’s procurement team and remain involved long after the ink has dried on the contract to help administer the contractual commitments, address contract interpretation issues, assist in restructuring the relationship when needed, and develop strategies for and managing the resolution of disputes. This unique business-oriented approach, along with our extensive industry experience, allows us to offer our clients both solid legal and business advice.


We have experience with a broad range of technology transactions, including software licensing, “software-as-a-service” and cloud services transactions, and systems integration and implementation projects. We supply industry-tested project documents including comprehensive statements of work for complex technology implementations and detailed plans for project and resource planning.  We assist clients in protecting and leveraging their data in data sharing, data analytics, and other data-related agreements. Our lawyers are also engaged in evolving and innovative technologies such as the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) industry, open-source licensing, and social media and e-commerce affinity arrangements.

Our technology experience also includes supporting our clients’ regular and high volume technology needs.  Our lawyers have worked with clients to develop workflows relating to the contract intake and management process.  We have developed and maintained standard form contracts for our clients to efficiently support their technology demands, including tailoring forms to a client’s unique business and legal requirements.  We have led multi-day intensive technology contracting workshops to train in-house legal and procurement personnel in negotiating these form contracts, enabling the client to secure favorable terms and become more self-sufficient.  Finally, we have implemented a variety of models combining client and external resources to negotiate technology transactions using these tailored forms, as needed by our clients.


We take a comprehensive, full life-cycle approach to negotiating and documenting an outsourcing arrangement, from the beginning of transition through final disentanglement. We often help our clients prepare and analyze the legal aspects of RFPs and responses. We have worked on a large number of technology outsourcing transactions, including those involving data center, voice and data network services, end-user and field services support, application development and management, service desk, security, and managed backup and data storage services. We have represented companies that have outsourced a variety of business functions, including trade processing and accounting operations, healthcare claims processing, document imaging, disaster recovery, and other functions. We also frequently work to restructure and improve existing outsourcing arrangements.


Our clients’ industry sectors span healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, retail, state and local government, university and higher education, trade associations, and software and technology.

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