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Conn Kavanaugh represents individuals in their personal legal matters involving marriage, cohabitation, family relationships, estate planning, property ownership and the administration of estates and trusts.

The complexities of managing wealth are numerous. Through the lens of marriage, family, and aging, the process can become daunting.

Our Family Law and Estate Planning attorneys are experienced and skilled in navigating property division, and preparing robust legal plans, agreements, and documentation that protect our clients’ interests and fulfill their long-term objectives.

The Conn Kavanaugh team of Family Law attorneys represents clients in all aspects of family law. We regularly negotiate and prepare premarital agreements intended to protect family trusts, inheritances, and ownership in closely held businesses in the event of divorce or death of a spouse. We represent clients in divorce proceedings, paternity actions, custody disputes, domestic violence matters, contempt and modification proceedings. We understand the complex financial aspects of matrimonial law, such as sophisticated asset valuation issues, support payments and property division.

Finally, we recognize society’s ever-evolving view of committed relationships and routinely handle matters involving domestic partners. This includes the preparation of cohabitation agreements, the termination of relationships, and managing the financial havoc that can occur in the absence of proper agreements.

Our Estate Planning attorneys help individuals and their families plan for the future to meet their individual goals, protect their assets, avoid probate and minimize gift and estate taxes. This may include: drafting of wills and all forms of trusts; assisting clients in achieving their gift-giving goals whether to individuals or charities; preparing health care proxies, living wills, durable powers of attorney and HIPAA authorizations; and coordinating our client’s corporate and entity needs with our corporate colleagues at the Firm, including the formation of, or transfer of interests in, Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”) and corporations.

In the area of trust and estate administration, we work with our clients to obtain the appointment of fiduciaries, to assure that assets are protected and properly distributed, and to complete all necessary tax reporting and payments. We address all matters concerning trust administration including the funding of trusts, and we counsel fiduciaries and beneficiaries regarding their rights, duties and responsibilities.

Aligning with the firm’s philosophy, we approach the needs of our clients with compassion and empathy.  We enjoy getting to know our clients individually and working through the issues with them one-on-one to reach their goals. While personal legal issues can be emotional and stressful, we assist our clients in obtaining the best possible outcomes for their specific needs.

Please visit our Family Law and Estate Planning/Administration practice pages for more detail.

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