Land Use / Real Estate Litigation

Your property dispute is unique. Conn Kavanaugh’s years of case experience demonstrate that each property is unique, each town’s regulations are unique, each set of abutters is unique, and each tenant and use is unique.  You need a strategy that fits your particular dispute. 

Conn Kavanaugh can help.  Our Land Use/Real Estate Litigation practice has extensive experience in handling real estate disputes of all kinds and at all levels.  We have handled private disputes between neighbors, owners, and tenants; public disputes before municipal boards; regulatory appeals before state agencies; trials in Land Court and Superior Court; and court appeals to the Supreme Judicial Court.

Success in these disputes depends on rigorous legal analysis, adept political/public strategy, vigorous advocacy, and creative formulation ofpotential resolutions.  Conn Kavanaugh knows this through years of representation of private clients and municipalities, service on municipal land use boards, and dozens of trials of property disputes.

Learn More About This Practice

  • Administrative Appeals

    Conn Kavanaugh will make your case before state and federal regulators and enforcers. Our attorneys will guide you through the process of administrative review or will defend you against civil or criminal exposure under environmental laws.

  • Board Advocacy

    Many land use disputes are won or lost at the local administrative level. Conn Kavanaugh will provide you with the advantage you need to be successful as a project proponent or opponent before a local Zoning Board of Appeals,

  • Civil Rights / Related Litigation

    Disputes over land can become personal… or worse. Sometimes those disputes turn into claims of civil rights violations. Conn Kavanaugh has both prosecuted such claims and defended municipalities from them.

  • Commercial Evictions / Lease Disputes

    Evictions and lease disputes are a simple fact of commercial life. Losing these disputes, or languishing in court, need not be.

  • Hazardous Waste Claims / Litigation

    Exposure to the legacy costs of hazardous waste can be crippling. Conn Kavanaugh regularly advises clients facing hazardous waste liability and claims, either as an owner of contaminated property or as an alleged contributor to contamination.

  • Purchase and Sale Disputes

    Disputes often arise over the terms and enforceability of purchase and sale agreements. Buyers once thought that rights under an accepted offer, before execution of a more formal purchase and sale agreement, were not enforceable.

  • Special Municipal Counsel

    Conn Kavanaugh has provided special counsel services to municipalities since our inception. Our lawyers are particularly sought in complex construction cases and significant land use disputes.

  • Title / Boundary / Easement Disputes

    The right to use and enjoy land can be thwarted by problems of title, boundaries, and easements. These are complicated areas that require careful analysis, creative approaches, and sharp advocacy.

  • Zoning / Subdivision Disputes

    Not all land use disputes will stop with a basic board decision. Conn Kavanaugh is poised to fight for your position wherever a zoning or lot-division case may lead.