Corporate / Transactional

Effective representation in the corporate/transactional field only begins with legal and technical expertise. It also requires good listening skills, a commitment to understanding the nature of a client's business, and an unwavering focus on achieving optimal results.

The attorneys of Conn Kavanaugh's Corporate/Transactional practice share all of these characteristics, along with a dedication to attentive, responsive service. Our business clients include private and public enterprises, family businesses, licensed professionals and entrepreneurs representative of major sectors of the economy.

Transactional experience is a particular strength of our Corporate/Transactional team. Our business attorneys have decades of experience negotiating deals for acquiring and selling companies . We are strong advocates and skilled negotiators, and approach every deal with insight and diligence designed to identify and resolve  issues so that they do not become unwelcome problems after the deal has closed.

Members of our Corporate/Transactional practice have a broad range of skills.  This versatility allows them to remain a principal point of contact with our business clients and to move freely across multiple disciplines to ensure continuity of representation.


Learn More About This Practice

  • Business Acquisitions / Sales

    We have experience negotiating deals for the acquisition and sale of companies as well as operating divisions, through mergers, consolidations, asset and stock transactions.

  • Business Counsel

    Our clients seek our advice and counsel on day to day matters including the hiring and dismissal of employees, utilization of independent contractors, and more.

  • Control / Separation

    We regularly advise on capitalization strategies, and structure arrangements among principals including stock redemption, cross purchase, and hybrid agreements.

  • Employment / Incentive Compensation

    We advise and structure employment arrangements for executives and managerial hires, such as compensation, bonus and other incentive plans.

  • Financings / Strategic Partnerships

    We have represented clients in procuring working capital lines of credit and term loans from traditional sources such as banks, including SBA guaranteed programs.

  • Formation

    We provide advice and counsel on choice of entity, capitalization, organization, control, and all other aspects associated with formation.

  • Intellectual Property

    We advise on the protection of our clients' intellectual property assets, including trade secrets, proprietary information, trademarks, and copyrights.